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“... a funny, emotive and biographical one-woman play... Laughter, lots of laughter."


Special to The Post and Courier

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Teacher in the House:

Tales of Urban Survival

starring Susan Jeremy

by Mary Fulham and Susan Jeremy

directed by Mary Fulham

"...outrageous humor ...a tour of both her whacky ever-changing world and her heart, which is strong enough to keep pushing through." - Karen D'Onfrio Electric Link

Susan Jeremy, an award winning NY solo performer, and character specialist, stars in Teacher in the House! This new show focuses on a teacher of home bound students in NYC. The story unfolds like a television crime series, with true accounts of touching, comical, urban tales of survival.

From teaching a 7th grade health class( can you say penis?) to overcoming a life threatening illness, the protagonist is drawn to and inspired by teaching children who can't attend school: Ryan, a 7 year old with ADD; Rebecca, who’s waiting for a new kidney, and Angela, a paralyzed teen with a huge smile.

Jeremy’s characters are keenly observed and physically portrayed with warmth, candor, and humor.


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"Brilliant!...fantastically talented!" 


“Jeremy is a sharp-as-nails comedic actress whose characters live and breathe before you, but she can also serve up keen social commentary.”

-Uptown Magazine – Winnipeg’s Online Source for Arts

“She’s a performer you should see… The writing itself (with co-writer and director Mary Fulham)is sharp. As a performer, Jeremy has a dry comic sensibility and an almost childlike charm in the way she tells a story.”    -Charleston Times



Susan Jeremy has the last laugh 

by Kelly Rae Smith Taking a cue from Law and Order, Jeremy plays 10 different characters in this one-woman show

Taking a cue from "Law and Order", Jeremy plays 10 different characters in this one-woman show

Susan Jeremy admits she can't help that most of her work is funny. This remains true of her latest one-woman play, Teacher in the House: A True Tale of Urban Survival...Read entire story HERE



by Catherine Filloux

directed by Jose Zayas

music by Sergio R. Reyes

From the garbage dump in Guatemala City, to the tent cities in Haiti, to the toxic oil ponds where birds expire, Luz, Helene and Zia –survivors of targeted violence—with the help of human rights lawyer Alexandra search for hope in the unlikeliest, in-between places. LUZ is a play that is at once volatile and tender, entertaining and surreal.


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